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Our Promise

We believe food tastes better when it is grown with responsible principles.  It’s why the Torie & Howard brand strives to create delicious treats that are made in a way that is health-friendly, eco-friendly and as socially conscious as possible.  Inspiring well-being from the source is how we deliver that fresh from-the-orchard fruit flavor in every mouth-watering piece.


What is Top 9 Allergen-Friendly?

“Top 9 Allergen-Friendly” refers to Torie and Howard ingredients being free from the FDA regulated top 9 allergens – namely: eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, sesame seeds and wheat.  The products are also free from artificial colors, artificial flavors, and gluten.
Dairy Free
Egg Free
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Tree Nut Free
Wheat Free
Sesame Free
Shellfish Free
Soy Free
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Made With Natural Ingredients

You’ll never find anything you can’t pronounce in our ingredient list!  All of our products are allergen-friendly and use a mix of natural and organic ingredients.  We keep it simple so you can feel good about enjoying these treats.

Giving Back

Doing well by doing good. Since we started, we have supported local charities as well as national organizations to help provide opportunities and improve the lives of people in need. We do what we can to help make the world a better place all around.

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Protect The Environment

Since its founding, Torie & Howard has developed its products with the belief that food tastes better when organically grown with responsible principles. This belief led the brand to seek partnership with 1% For the Planet, which funds non-profit organizations that are working to preserve our shared environment.

One Percent For The Planet

Through the 1% For the Planet non-profit network, Torie & Howard and parent company American Licorice Co. have partnered with Rodale Institute and Flanner House, two organizations both seeking to empower future young farmers in their own unique ways.

Leveraging Rodale Institute’s leading work in regenerative farming, and decades of powerful work in food justice led by Flanner House, the partnership hopes to provide more access and opportunity in regenerative farming for young people of color.

USDA Organic
Inspiring Well-Being from Source to Self
1% for the Planet