Inspiring Well-Being from Source to Self

We believe that food tastes better when it is made with natural ingredients and responsible principles. We strive to create delicious, tasty treats that are made in a way that is as health-friendly, eco-friendly and socially conscious as possible. Carefully crafted, our candies have distinctive refined flavors that truly transport you. No additives, no artificial flavors or colors.

Just pure, fresh, delicious satisfaction.

Giving 1% For The Planet

What we feed our families and ourselves matters. It matters to our health and well-being, and our happiness. This is why we are so excited to partner with 1% For the Planet, supporting environmental nonprofits whose work is helping to preserve the health of people, and planet.

Our Partners

Rodale Institute

Though they are new friends to us, Rodale Institute has been a leader in the world of regenerative organic farming for decades. Their passion for sustainable practices comes from a simple notion: healthy soil produces healthy plants, which ultimately keeps people healthy. We are excited to dive deeper into their decades of knowledge and expertise, especially with young people looking to careers in agriculture.

Flanner House

Together, Rodale Institute and Torie & Howard will partner with Indianapolis-based Flanner House, whose own work with young people in the community is making a big impact. Through the F.E.E.D. program, the team at Flanner Farms looks to inspire, educate, and elevate young people to become the future of urban organic farming. We look forward to learning from their expertise in food justice, and supporting their commitment to youth and community.

We could not be more excited to join the energy and momentum of both Rodale Institute and Flanner House, and are proud to utilize 1% of our revenue to support their important work.

Wind farm at sunset

See what the Torie & Howard team learned during their first visit to Rodale Institute!

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Inspiring Well-Being from Source to Self
1% for the Planet