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What’s the difference between Organic & Non-GMO?

For a product to be Certified Organic, 95 percent of its total ingredients must be organic. This means that no more than five percent of its ingredients can be non-organic, however, these non-organic ingredients still must be GMO-free.

Certified “Made with” Organic products must contain at least 70 percent certified organic ingredients. Similar to certified Organic products, any non-organic ingredients must be GMO-free.

Which organic certification do you have?

Gummi-snaps, Hard Candy, and Chewie Fruities are certified USDA Organic.

Are Torie & Howard® products Gluten Free?

Gluten is an insoluble plant protein occurring in grains, mainly wheat, barley, rye and oats. These proteins consist mainly of glutelins gliadin, and proamins. While our candies are sweetened from sugar cane, and rice derivatives, these grains and the syrup created from them are gluten free.

  • Our Chewie Fruities® candy is certified by GFCO Gluten-Free.
  • Our Hard Candy is certified by GFCO Gluten-Free.
  • Our Gummi-snaps™ candy is certified by SCS global Gluten-Free.

Are Torie & Howard® products Kosher certified?

  • Our Chewie Fruities® candy is Certified Kosher using Dairy 814. The facility that makes this tasty candy processes milk, and thus is required to have a dairy compliant Kosher certification.
  • Our Hard Candy is Certified Kosher Parve by KOF-K.
  • Our Gummi-snaps™ candy is Certified Kosher- Dairy. The facility that makes this tasty candy processes milk, and thus is required to have a dairy compliant Kosher certification.


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I’m Vegan, is there actual honey in your candy?

There is no honey used in the honey flavoring. We use an all natural and organic compliant “honey” flavoring to bring complexity to our candy that is vegan friendly.

What is the shelf life?

Our Gummi-snaps and Chewie Fruities candy have a shelf life of 18 months. Our Hard Candy has a shelf life of 24 months, but we expect it to fly off the shelf since there is nothing like it! There is a best by code on each item. The code reads “Best before YYYY/MM/DD”

What sweetener is used in your candy?

  • Our Gummi-snaps candy contains organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup.
  • Our Chewie Fruities candy contains organic rice syrup and organic cane sugar.
  • Our Hard Candy contains organic rice syrup and organic cane sugar.

What “natural” flavors are in your candy?

Our natural USDA National Organic Program (NOP) organic- compliant flavors are made using: grapefruit oil; orange oil; honey essence; pomegranate juice concentrate; nectarine oil; lemon oil; raspberry essence; Non-GMO ethanol and vegetable glycerin.

What does the claim "100% DV of Vitamin C" mean for Chewie Fruities?

1 serving, or 5 pieces, of Chewie Fruities contain 100% of the vitamin C you need in a day.


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Who owns Torie & Howard?

Was the Torie & Howard Brand Acquired?
Yes, the Torie & Howard brand was acquired by American Licorice Company in late January 2021.

Where are Torie & Howard candies made?

We are an American company headquartered in La Porte, IN. Our Chewie Fruities® candy and Gummi-snaps are made in the USA, our Hard Candy is made in Mexico.

Why are Torie & Howard Hard Candy & Chewie Fruities candy individually wrapped?

We decided to individually wrap our candy to reinforce our brand and to preserve freshness. When you share your T&H candies your friends will enjoy the sanitary presentation of retrieving a wrapped candy. Lastly, if you are selling the candy in bulk, the wrapper eliminates sticking.