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Halloween is almost here -  SHARE, DON'T SCARE !! 

It’s true, I’m a candy FREAK and let’s just say Halloween is the ultimate candy day of the year as it’s traditionally all about receiving candy treats, the more the better. (Okay, it’s a little bit about the costumes, too, maybe.) Here, we are all about candy and our motto this year is, Share Don’t Scare. Get your teal pumpkin ready - Torie & Howard’s candy features all natural colors like beetroot juice, and turmeric, when eating these you won’t create the scary artificially dyed blue-tongued monster of doom. That’s because natural colors don’t stain like artificial colors do so your little darling’s lips and tongue will stay as freshly pink as her princess dress. Bonus! And, NO ONE will ever know if you raid your kid’s candy hauls : )

And because we candy freaks–or aficionados if you prefer–love to share our obsession with like-minded others, we’ve made that easy to do. Our new Chewie Fruities Halloween pack contains 20 individual two-piece packs–one for you and one for a friend. With six different sour and sweet flavors included, you actually CAN make everyone happy AND enjoy how great it feels to share a delicious treat with someone else.

Now, here’s the trick-y part. Let’s get real. Sharing is fine up to a point, but there are issues. First, a horde of trick-or-treaters is coming and you need enough Chewie Fruities to satisfy them or face consequences. Second, and far more important IMHO, there’s your private supply. .. You know you have one!! In case I’m not being clear, you’re going to have to hide some candy! And you’ll have to stay vigilant so it remains safely stashed. People tell us that your first clue something is amiss will be a trail of candy wrappers. Those should lead you to the culprits but instead of indulging your inner Jason, take off the hockey mask, put down the chainsaw and just order some more. It’s time once again to Share Don’t Scare.

 Find Halloween sharables here: https://amzn.to/2PK41qs

 – Torie, self-confessed candy freak, and proud of it.


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