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2018-9-18 CSP online Story - The 5 Fastest Growing Candy Segments


The 5 Fastest-Growing Candy Segments

Chewy candy is the fastest-growing segment of the $8 billion non-chocolate segment, estimated to reach $4.3 billion in 2018 for a 36% increase over six years, according to Mintel. This January, Starburst from Mars Wrigley Confectionery is releasing Starburst Duos, colorful fruit chews that combine two flavors into one square-shaped candy. Two flavor combinations are Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Watermelon. And Torie & Howard debuted a three-tier countertop display holding 54 Chewie Fruities stick packs, including 18 packs each of Sour Berry, Sour Apple and California Pomegranate & Sweet Freestone Nectarine flavors. The display stands 17.5 inches high, with a 6- by 10-inch footprint.

Photograph courtesy of Torie & Howard

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